plants, plants and more plants

Everything in the garden is rushing away, completely beyond my control.  I’ve missed three weekends in a row due to travelling and the garden has gained a momentum I feel I can’t possibly catch up with.   I have been put firmly in my place by nature.

Viridiflora Tulip

Viridiflora Tulip Spring Green In Pots At Front

Tulips, rhododendrons, pasque flowers, dog tooth violets, daffodils, primula and pieris look stunning.  Sweet peas are climbing out of the greenhouse tents on their own.  Lillies grow centimetres each day.  The Clematis Alpina are all bursting into life.

And so are the weeds. I only weeded half the border at the back before I went away at the end of March – now the side I didn’t get to is now thick with Ground Elder (arghh).  Definitely an entire days work over Easter.  There is also more Sherphard’s Purse than I could ever count – though at least that is easy to remove.  I know you can eat chickweed, but I’m not exactly sure which of my many weeds the chickweed is.

And I have a new mystery invader

Mysterious mini bulb-like weeds have popped up in the sunny, sharp drained border at the top of the hill.

They look like spring onions – but there are thousands of them crammed into  bare spaces.  I can’t have planted them there, surely.  Maybe something went to seed – garlic or chives perhaps (any suggestions welcome).  As long as it is not Spanish bluebells – I have been pulling them up ever since I moved here, they are terrible thugs!  I guess I will need to pull these all up, but I would like to know what they are in case the plantlets are worth saving.  As they are not in my weed identification book, I suspect they are  good plants in the wrong place (well, rather in the wrong quantity – thousands of the little guys!)