Introducing The Gardener

Definitely an F1 hybrid

I am Vicky, the Wistful Gardener.  I have been gardening the same plot in Inverness, Scotland since 2002.

Gardening is definitely in my DNA.  I had my little plot in our garden as a child, helped my dad on his allotment and my parents still fight it out for prizes at their local Flower Club.

But prior to moving here I had been  gardenless for the previous 12 years while living in London.  Experiments with growing willow trees indoors in a Walthamstow flat hadn’t been wholly successful.

Patience is a virtue I’m learning

But here I had completely virgin territory (a scrubby hillside, monster Cyprus and struggling apple tree were the only features). I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Planting, not planning, was my priority in the early days – something I am coming to regret.  So this year will be a year of trying to take as many things out as I put in (always easier to say when the ground is frozen).  This year I shall also tackle access and structure (better late than never, right?)

I am not a trained horticulturalist, though I did an RHS distance learning course if that counts 😉  I am an avid reader of all books and magazines to do with plants, gardens and horticulture.  And my parents, their friends and other gardeners have always been great teachers to me.

My main gardening talent is propagation – somehow I have the knack of making pretty much any seed, cutting or dead twig grow.  Sadly, I am not necessarily so good at making beautiful, well designed displays of the gazillion plants I end up with every year – though of course I keep trying.

I am toying with the idea of selling some of my excess stock this year – though I’ve said that before and somehow always manage to convince myself I could really use those other 100 foxgloves, or that 30 Thalia fuchsias really isn’t too many at all.  Maybe this year will be different….

Wishful as well as wistful

My idea of gardening heaven would be: a big heated greenhouse that someone else pays for, 24 hour a day Beechgrove Garden on TV, RHS Harlow Carr right next door, rabbits deciding they just don’t fancy eating my plants any more and a magic credit card that meant I could shop in nurseries and garden centres free forever.

Not much to ask, is it?

4 thoughts on “Introducing The Gardener

  1. i agree with everything you have said, lol, I keep saying no wont buy anymore, but cant help myself rofl, I also said will propagate and sell , no chance cant bear to part with my lovely flowers and veg plants, they always find a space somewhere hahhaha, glad to know I not alone rofl xx

    • You’re certainly not alone – right now I am looking at my hundreds of plants that have been potted up and I am still fretting I don’t have enough. I’m sure a visit to Gardening Scotland on Friday will cure that 😉 Happy propagating!

  2. Oh you sound like a kindred spirit. I’m good at propagation as well and am thinking of selling excess this year but like you will probably fail to do it.

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