Crocosmia strike back

I may have won the first round battle with the Crocosmia in the front garden, but the back garden clumps put up far more of a fight.  My hand fork snapped completely in half and my trowel bent like a spoon.  That is a high tool casualty rate!  Not only that but having to grub the corms out with my bare hands has left an entire ecosystem  of permadirt under my nails.

But – I lifted almost a whole trug of corms, great big monstrous things some of them:

Lifting corms

A broken hand fork and a bent long trowel - I think the Crocosmia won the return fight

The sunnier, moist borders were where the biggest corms and clusters of corms were to be found.  In the drier borders the corms had fragmented into small bublets.  And the damp shady border the corms had gone deep and made chains but had not grown to the fig size of the ones shown above.

If I’d know how rampant the Crocosmia Lucifer would become, I probably would not have sprinkled them around so liberally. (Though for a few weeks in summer they are worth it).  The other varieties have not been so thuggish and so have been allowed to live another day.

Despite my trugful of corms – I fear I may not even have dented the zeal of the monster lifeform that is the Crocosmia.

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