Spring not the only thing to arrive early

Sunday 20th March heralded the official start of Spring and there are signs of it everywhere in the garden.

Smaller daffodils like Tete a Tete do best here, taller ones often break in the wind

Daffodils are just out, both front and back.  I saw my first tulip; the blue wood anemones are peeking through and the late crocuses are putting on a good show.  The hellebores are also the finest I have ever seen them.  There is even the illusion of green breaking on the trees – but that is just early Alpina type Clematis which thrive here, winding their way through the trees and fence wire.

This bursting forth of plant life  is even more striking because this time last year the garden was still frozen and it was almost the end of April before it looked like this

Bees, birds and rabbits are frisky and lurve is in the air for most members of the animal kingdom.

But, early Spring combined with strong wind has brought me a whacking dose of hayfever and I have had to take anti-allergen medicine.  This is always a last resort as it makes me so drowsy.  Yesterday I fell asleep at my desk at 5.15pm (though watching Monty Don/Gardener’s World on BBC iPlayer probably contributed significantly to this).

What a heavy price we gardeners pay 😉

2 thoughts on “Spring not the only thing to arrive early

  1. My small and medium sized daffodils have done well this year and our wind quota has been fortunately low – but the taller ones don’t seem to be getting anywhere . . . and I was specially looking forward to the white ones. They aren’t anywhere near as cheerful as the brasher varieties but they are elegant and (as long as not blown down!) the blooms last long.


    • Hi Esther – mine are exactly the same, though we have had really strong wind (pretty usual for March). The small and medium yellow ones are looking lovely, but not a tall white one in sight.

      Maybe I’m being impatient and they will appear in a few weeks, or maybe the squirrels have been selective about what they eat.

      I hope your white ones appear as they are so elegant, especially if they mange to overlap (and stay upright) with white and green tulips.

      Thanks for visiting,


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