Dividing snowdrops in the green

Seeing adverts in the back of the gardening magazines recently for snowdrops in the green has made me covet even more of these cheerful. little flowers.  They make me feel so happy when they break through in late January or February, it seems impossible to imagine having too many.


Right now there are clumps of singles and doubles all around the garden, most of which I bought in the green a few years back.  They’re just starting to go over their prime, though they still look great.  But there are plenty of spots that would benefit by being brightened up by these bulbs.

But rather than buy more, I decided to divide up the ones I have, especially where the clumps have become dense and crowded.  It was incredible to discover just have many “free” new plants I gained myself.  In some of the densest clumps, there were 20 or more bulbs in just a fist size ball.

Last night I was out after work dividing snowdrops until nearly 7pm (it was almost dark).  And it isn’t even officially spring yet.  I imagine I will have got myself at least 300 or 400 hundred extra snowdrops out of it, so pretty productive for an evenings work!

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